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Our Story...

We serve to represent and champion a diverse set of customers. In an industry where beauty norms have only just begun to be challenged, we've been breaking down these rules and standing for inclusivity since day one.

Our story began in 2009 in a small studio in the middle of nowhere. With only one desk and next to no free time... our brand was born. Our passion for Uniqueness, Collaboration, Transparency and products that deliver, brought our vision, and products, to life.

The goal was to develop quality beauty products which is accessible to everyone.

True Cosmetics was founded by a team with purpose and passion with a thirst for transparency and products that deliver. For over 10 years we have combined our resources and expert knowledge to build a catalog that embodies beauty and wellness philosophy through our products.

We have been visionaries from day one. Seeing possibilities is what we did when, nearly a decade ago, we brought together beauty in a way that no one else had imagined.

We work toward our vision and mission with our values at the heart of everything we do.
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Vision, Mission & Values

The best is yet to come. Months into True Cosmetics birth, after setting up our first store front. Who would have guessed this is where we would be 10 years later. We’re bringing new possibilities to life and drive more meaningful purpose for our brand, our company and to you, Our customer. Together, we will change what beauty means to the world.

At the forefront, working with others to ensure the best products with the best support available. We look forward to meeting with you at our stores.


About Store

A legacy & vibrant retail brand. An omni-channel retailer that aims to make every woman look and feel beautiful. Our key brand message communicates an element of fun, confidence and creativity.

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Please feel free to contact us from our Contact Us page. Link is on the footer below. We can't wait to have a chat with you!
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